Image and Style Consultancy
In a world where image is deemed to be everything, the wrong image or company message can cost a company millions or a chance at business success. Our image consultancy training courses offer what is beyond the traditional image consultancy. Our courses have been designed by certified image consultants, fashion designers, stylists, and international business development and negotiation teams and international sales teams to ensure that your most valuable people gain their visual appearance, verbal and non verbal communication, and expressing the best of their potential to the world.

Whether we are helping a company to discern their brand, training employees to communicate the company brand through every action they take, or coaching business professionals in order to best represent their own personal brand as well as the company brand, we are the company that helps businesses succeed beyond their expectations and reach further through the development of their people.

Personal branding
We grasp key corporate terms including marketing, communication, quality and profit. We are a business that understands the importance of planning, education, communication, and most of all, value. Our courses will acquire the professional polish ones need to increase their credibility and personal effectiveness as well as garner the respect they deserve. They will develop skills and confidence in introductions, power dining, diversity manners and compelling conversation. Knowledge-packed, experiential, and interactive, our courses are delivered in an upbeat, supportive environment that provides one-on-one interaction, demonstration, and role playing.

Fashion Business Consulting
Our internationally certified image consultant and fashion designer team coupled up with our fashion wholesales team offer invaluable inputs to fashion businesses in the area of product development and sales and marketing. 

We provide full scale Fashion Business ranging from start-up consulting to expansion coaching in order to fulfill our clients’ objectives of owning and successfully operating fashion businesses.

Services include, but not limited to:
1. Business Plan Writing/Critique/Setting Up
2. Entry Strategy & Analysis
3. Business Structure Formation & Trademarking
4. Trend Research & Analysis
5. Counseling regarding costs, capital, book keeping
6. Product Development Assistance/Supplier Selection
7. Sales and Marketing Strategies/Online Presence
8. Expertise on creating optimal Look books
9. Visual Merchandising Strategy 

You Trade Fashion
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